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36W Gel Nail Dryer with LED UV Lamp



1: USB portable

2: UV lamp  

3: Easy To Carry  

4: Does not harm the skin  

5: Infrared sensing  

6: UV lamps  


*Size: 19cm*12cm*7.5cm

*Voltage: 110~240V  

*Time Setting: 30s 60s 90s


*Lamp beads: 12pcs Lamp beads

*Suitable Gel Type: UV Gel / LED Gel / Builder Gel All Types Gel

*Can be used for drying gel on the finger nails

*Non-harmful substances to the human body.  

*Easy to operate and one-key to turn on and off  

*Fashion and lovely Design  

*With USB LINE, can connect with Mobile Power or Computer or Mobil Plug, convenient for using  

*Power: 36W

*Color: White and Black

Package include:

1*LED Nail Dryer

1*USB Cable

It is without adapter and retail box

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