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Foundation Face Powder Brush


Material: wood handle / nylon
Size: 16.5 * 2 * 2 cm
Weight: 20 g

Daily cleaning:
After each brush used to pay attention to clean,This will prevent the breeding of bacteria,After the general use, the use of water rinse,Then rub with your fingers along bristles clean.
Regular maintenance:
Customers who have just received the brush or who have stored the brush for some time,Remember to first clean the brush with a mild detergent and then use,Also note that the use of long-term customers about two weeks to do a thorough cleaning brush.
Cleaning method:
The proper amount of cleanser or bristle professional cleaning agent to the bristles,Then gently rub along the direction of the bristles,Then rinse,After the water is then thrown portion,Can be placed in ventilated place.

Ventilation dry, avoid direct sunlight
Natural dry, prohibit wring
Flushing, forbid hard to rub hard