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LANBENA Hyaluronic Acid Serum Blackhead Removing Moisturizing Acne Treatment Skin Care Repair Whitening Anti-Aging Winkles 15ml



100% Brand New and High Quality!

Type:Skin Care

Effect: ①Blueberry serum------Nourish

②Hyaluronic Acid serum------Moisturizing

③Vitamin C serum------Whitening

④24K Gold serum for------Aging 

⑤Pore Treatment serum------Shrink Pores

Benefits: Different extracts are extracted and concentrated into a bottle of precious serum.

Color: 5 Colors for choose



NET WT: 15ml

Packaged in Single Package





Anti Aging

Rich in such essential ingredients as six peptides and hyaluronic acid this product reduces fine lines, prevents wrinkles, improves loose skin, lifts and moisturizes the skin, keeps it firm and hydrated, and slows down aging.



Contains blueberry extract, hyaluronic acid and peptides, it will help to moisturizes the skin, making skin delicate. Reduces fine lines, remove wrinkles, improves loose skin, keeps it firm and hydrated and slows down aging


Shrink Pores

you can replenish water and preserve moisture in your skin, shrink pores and repair skin damages by using it. Moisture protective membrane can help achieve the water-oil balance for your skin so as to make your skin delicate and smooth.


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